This Week's Pick: Dave Johnson

This Week's Pick: Phillip Bond's pick: Water



The rest of the poem carries through on the backside of the paper. Pencil, watercolor, acrylic.

Below is the full poem. More poems by Elena Eva at her website.


Dearly beloved
I stole from you many times
I robbed you
Only in the end to get
I have learned something
At my own cost

I gave you many different names
In many different bodies
That ran off the page
And filled the room
For years I can’t take
Back and I stand over
It all counting up
What I lost.

I shared myself around
And I grew afraid of them
I never gave enough
I was afraid to be too simple
So I burned you and me
And us.
And then wondered how.

And when my words meant nothing
I undid yours

Lead Ned by andrew robinson

Robots and the dirty west. Didn't pencil this one, just went straight to the brush and let it happen. Finished in photoshop and art rage studio.


Rock 'em Sock 'em robots by Mike Allred

"This was a composition I started years ago, eventually re-working it for a Perhapsanauts cover. I was happy to have an excuse to finally finish my MADMA/ROBOTS illo )minus Laura's groovy colors, which I hope she will do someday)."

Space Giants by Reverend Dave Johnson

I grew up watching this show in Georgia. It was about a family of robots fighting the evil Rodak. Doldar, Silvar and their son Gam. The show is total shit, but to the mind of an 8 year old boy staved of sci-fi goodness, it was pure gold.
I did the line art at Drink and Draw and had my friend Cassandra Poulson paint it. She's young and super talented. Check her stuff out here...


War by Rafael Albuquerque

This is a very old drawing, that I did as a sketch for the anthology 24Seven vol2 in 2008, i guess for the story "Blood for Oil",written by Seth Peck.

I really dug the sketch and re did the design with the baloon and colors.

hope you enjoy.


ROBOT MONSTER by Francesco Francavilla

Click on the image to see the BIGGER VIEW

One of my favorite Robot ever :)

Great pick, Mike,
will try to add more Robots to the blog :)



"Gort" by Mark Chiarello

My taste in robots tends to lean a little in the retro direction.
This is from a faux movie poster that I never finished..."The Day The Earth Stood Still."


Holy shit I'm no Dave Johnson

Dave is a master with Robots and mech stuff. He introduced me to guys like Shirow masamune. Anyway, here is my shot at a robot. A larger version can be found on


C-3PO by Sean Phillips

No chance of a new pic from me this week, so here's an old one I still like...

Maria by Philip Bond

Maria, the maschinenmensch from Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis'


Moebius by Philip Bond

the crystal ship is being filled - a thousand girls, a thousand thrills


Ivo Milazzo by Rafael Albuquerque

Im late for this, I know, but only today I could scan this piece, done a week ago.

This is Ivo Milazzo, amazing italian artist, co-creator of Ken Parker and the guy who tohught me that, less is more.

My favorite artist and inspiration!


Moebius by Fegredo

A true visionary who will be greatly missed.

Min-Yo-La by Fegredo

Apologies, I missed the week but thought I'd post this anyway. I think it speaks for itself really, all I can add is an apology to Mike Mignola for the really crappy likeness…


AU REVOIR, GIR by Francesco Francavilla

Click on the image to see the BIGGER VIEW
Jean MOEBIUS Giraud

I will miss you, Gir. Thank you so much for all the magic and inspiration.

Au revoir,



I first discovered Jean Giruad's work in my local comic book shop when I was about 14 years old or so.  There was a magical quality to his work that turned even the most simple of illustrations into something very special and unique.  It left a mark on me and the rest of the world.

Long Live Moebius

Metabaron by Reverend Dave Johnson

I've been a fan of Moebius since I first picked up an early issue of Heavy Metal when I was way too young to have been looking at such fare. Since, I have bought just about every book that he's published. One of my favorites was the Incal series. In that story, the Metabaron stood out as possible one of the most badass characters ever created. Salute.


I was first exposed to Moebius' work in Starlog Magazine when I was 11. It was like nothing I'd seen before and it hit me like a creative lightning bolt. So sad for his passing but so grateful for the insane amount of art he's left us.


Moebius by Mike Allred

I can't overstate how important Moebius (the man, the myth, the legend...the artist) has been to me. I look forward to Laura coloring this and giving it the proper spirit that my "color deficient" abilities cannot provide. But here is my humble tribute to the late great Jean Giraud:


Moebius Tribute: Rola-Doida by Rafael Albuquerque

I admit that I was never a fanatic reader or collector of Moebius work, and, as much I always loved everything that landed to my hands, i have just a few books (i know, my bad).

What is impressive though, is that i've read "The Major Fatal" adventures about 15 years ago, and those stories are still fresh in my mind. I was thinking about doing a portrait of him for this tribute, but the very first thing that poped up in my mind were those crazy, non-sense and amazing characters of the Hermetic Garage.

This one, the "Rola-Doida" (no idea how its called in english) was the funniest.

Thanks for your peculiar sense of humor, Moebius.



Moebius tribute: Blueberry by Becky Cloonan

I've never read Blueberry and always wanted to- I'm determined to remedy this soon.

Looking at Jean Giraud's art and what he did with the comic medium has always inspired me to work harder and push myself. And I mean, he was a genius! I guess I don't have much else to say that hasn't already been said by someone who has worded it better than me... RIP Moebius. Every line you drew was perfect in it's place.


Well shit, I don't know how to do this. Larger versions at my site- you can also follow me on twitter at @oeming

Hard to put into words what a man like this meant to us. He was everything is all I can say. Thank you!


MIGNOLA by Cory Walker


Artists triptych by Philip Bond

I was flustered and undecided on 'favourite' artist, I hate picking favourites, and they always change from week to week anyway. So I drew three that keep bubbling up with regularity. Frank Hampson, Wally Wood and Alex Toth.

ARZACH by Cameron Stewart

I did this the afternoon of Moebius' passing. I'm going to try to do a new one for this blog soon.



FRAZETTA by Panosian

Frazetta is still the man. 

Bob Layton by Rev. Dave Johnson

One of the pleasures growing up was reading Iron Man during the time when Bob was either inking JR Jr. or handling everything himself. Later in life I was boarding a flight to Canada when I noticed someone in my isle seat. I turned on my "I could kick your ass" attitude just in case for when I told the guy he had the wrong seat. He apologized and moved. It wasn't until checking into the hotel after the flight that I realized it was Bob Layton. To this day he still gives me crap about it at Drink and Draw Social Club; of which he is now a regular. Drinking OJ and soda. And now one of the pleasures in adulthood is getting to hang out every Thursday with a great guy who has great stories about the good and bad times in the industry.

Frazetta, Artist, Lover, Bad Ass by Panosian

5"X7" drawn at Drink and Draw in Downtown Los Angeles using an iPhone...  I'll do a better [ sober ] tribute this weekend...!

MAZZUCCHELLI by Sean Phillips

MOEBIUS by Francesco Francavilla

Click on the image for the Bigger Poster

Great subject pick, Mark!

My list of favorite artists is way too long, and the previous WhotNotists have already tributed some (Toth, Simonson, etc). I have tributed other artists already (I tribute Alex Raymond on each cover for Flash Gordon for example) so for this week topic I went with one artist who might have influenced me more than I know: Jean Giraud, known also with his art name of MOEBIUS.
The man is a living legend and this is my humble tribute to him.




The Last Star Slammer. by andrew robinson

So many artists to choose from, but there's one comic book artist I've loved since I was a kid and I have never outgrown his work. In 1983 Walt Simonson defined graphic novels for me
with Star Slammers. It's a Marvel Graphic Novel, #6. If you haven't seen it you must check it out. It's incredible. Walt has such an energy to his drawings and such a great sense of design. I've been learning from him for years. So here's to you Walt Simonson. Thanks.


Dom is an old friend, and my favourite artist. In the early days we learnt everything together and watching him draw totally changed my outlook and approach. I owe him everything, really.


Nekkid by Mike Allred

Better late than never. Except when it was the case of Lincoln's aid rushing to the theater with the information that John Wilkes Booth was gonna assassinate the President.

NAOKI URASAWA by Cameron Stewart

A surprisingly difficult theme this week - many of my favorite comics artists are friends of mine and it felt strange to draw fan art of friends, and I also wanted to avoid the usual gang of suspects (Kirby, Toth, Eisner, etc), so I finally settled on Naoki Urasawa, creator of 20th Century Boys, Monster, Pluto, and Billy Bat. Even though I only discovered him within the last year or so, I now believe Urasawa is one of the greatest living cartoonists and urge everyone to read his work.


Nude 3 by Oeming- Deena Pilgrim

Thought I'd offer up a creator owned addition to the nudes. I've done very few nudes of Deena outside of the book always trying to keep it classy... 'cause you know Powers, we're all about class:)
I actually drew this on photocopy paper for some reason... Also, follow me on twitter for lots of updates and what I'm drawing- @oeming

Nekkid Girl with Sword by Rev. Dave Johnson

Did the drawing a while ago. Added some highlights and color just so I didn't feel like a total slacker for this weeks subject.

NUDE 2 by Oeming

This week proves to be popular:) Follow me for updates and art on twitter @oeming

Click here for large image-


NUDE by mark chiarello

I think I must be the only artist on the planet who's never done a drawing of Bettie Page. Well, now I have.


some sketches by Becky Cloonan

A few more doodles up for nudie week! Nothing too finished, I didn't even bother to draw clothes. :T

Nude, by Rafael Albuquerque

Hey fellas! Sorry being away for that long! I'm swamped in work and finally had some time to sketch something for the blog.
Here is a brush study. It took 9 minutes to get done, but kinda liked the effects. Hope you like as well!

PS: I'm loving what my comrades are posting, BTW!



Selkie by Becky Cloonan

Every now and then I feel like I sketch something worth wile- most of it is throw-away doodles or character designs, nothing so inspired. But this one kept my attention, and I've wanted to do something more with for the last few months but just haven't got the chance yet.

Man with turtle tattoo, the digital paint. By andrew Robinson

Another version of the Man with the Turtle Tattoo to show more of the digital paint created with art rage studio. I did this with a mouse. Yes I'm the neanderthal not using a tablet or the cintiq.

The man with the turtle tattoo. By Andrew Robinson

Ah, the male buttocks. Tan lines are always fun to paint. I used art rage studio for this one. Great program. Especially when you want that creamy feel of oils without all the vapors and mess. In photoshop I laid my original pencil drawing back on top and also an overlay layer to hit the highlights and add some color hold to the pencil line art.

ANOTHER NUDE by Sean Phillips

I didn't make it to my life class last night, so here's another old one, painted in class last year.



Raw Text by Duncan Fegredo

So next time I'll find a picture of a pretty naked lady and stick to the reference. Not like I did here, start with a sketch and then refer to vaguely similar photos resulting in a bit of a cock up. Oh well, she's too busy downloading apps to realise her bum is broken…

Yes, I know, "It's cracked!", SHUT UP!