This Week's Pick: Dave Johnson

This Week's Pick: Phillip Bond's pick: Water


When The Man Comes Around - by Dan Panosian

Johnny Cash is about as Wild West as it gets. 
Pencil, Ink, iPhone [ camera used as scanner... ] and Photoshop. 

The Posse by sinKEVitch

Originally done as very small bkgd silhouettes for graphic novel/ film project's poster, (working title Man with No Name). Enlarged, 'opened up', & redrawn.


"General Goldilocks" (version 1) by sinKEVitch

General George Armstrong Custer ,aka "Boy General with the Golden Locks" aka "Fair-haired Stupid Dead White Man" aka "Pompous Landfill" - eh. doesn't look like him - though I admit that was low on the list of priorities- at least at the outset- -tried to stay in the proverbial moment:, mixing media and seeing how much abuse the paper could take ( a lot. A deliciously horrible amount. Poor s.o.b. had the added indignity of getting scalped again.


SILENT FILMS - The General by Jock

When I was young, I wanted to be a stuntman (didn't everyone? or was it just me?) and Buster Keaton was a master. Seeing THE GENERAL for the first time was amazing. Made it look effortless.

Happy Holidays everyone!



Gloria Swanson by sinKEVitch

Fun with another Silent Film Icon- This Gal knew how to Live out loud.
Also fun playing with a new technique; amazing what can be done with packaging tape.


SILENT MOVIES: DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (1920) by Francesco Francavilla

Click on the image for the Bigger Photo

When Becky revealed her chosen subject was SILENT MOVIES, I was VERY happy since, you know, old movies are somehow "my thing" :)
When Reverend Johnson told us the silent movies week was exteneded to this week as well (due to the holidays) I was even more happy cause my packed schedule last week kept me away from contributing.

SO here is a Double Feature for you guys: above is Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde I just did this morning, just for WhatNot, and below 2 oldies form a favorite movie of mine: Das Kabinett des dr. Caligari.

Sit back and enjoy this matinee Double feature :)


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla

Click on the image for the Bigger Photo
Das Kabinett des dr. Caligari

Click on the image for the Bigger Photo
Das Kabinett des dr. Caligari

Marlene Dietrich by sinKEVitch

My attempt to go toward the Light after the Darkness of Nosferatu.


FAUST pt2 by Oeming

Quick and fun- flying through the air with Mephisto and a bit of wash:)


Always loved the Chaplin film , Modern Times. Great sets , gags and most of all Paulette Goddard. She was beautiful and funny.
The text was a last minute addition to keep it from looking like a greyscale student project.



I'm a horrible participant of this collective.

I'm late with my entry, Becky already touched upon this film and made she it significantly sexier. I just drew the creepy, fat guy version. Ugh. Anyhoo...

When I was studying MISE EN SCENE for storyboarding, this film (along with Citizen Kane and Casablanca) was used in heavy reference by my instructors on how to properly and effectively use backgrounds/environments to help convey information such as mood, story, subtext, etc. to a scene (in film, it's called 'blocking'; in theatre it's called 'stage design') via compositional elements - typically in one shot. So essentially, it was a study in how to compose a good comic book panel.

If you look up the Wikipedia entry for the term, it even uses a shot from The Cabinet as an example.

I say all of that in order to cover up the fact that I'm not very original and that I'm trying to wow you with technical knowledge about film making shit I still can't do.



Theda Bara by Andrew Robinson.

Not really an expert on silent films, so this was very educational for me. I picked Theda Bara for her unconventional good looks and exotic wardrobe. I used pencil and copic markers on strathmore bristol and added some Klimt for good measure. The rest I did with my iphone. I used photoshop express and then exported the image into instagram to add a filter and a blur. Man, I hate my iphone.


Louise Brooks…Embers…by Duncan Fegredo

So yes, its Louise Brooks, again. Not as creative as the good Reverend's piece, this is merely an iPad painting of a pretty girl from a film I've never seen, repurposed for a non existent flick I refer to as Embers. Or it could be snow. Or, off camera she is arc welding and about to slip in to a lively dance routine in ill conceived leg wear… what a feeling, indeed.

Shut up art monkey, post the picture.

Dunky F


Louise Brooks in DEATH by Reverend Dave Johnson

Took some reference of Louise Brooks with me to Drink and Draw last night. After drawing her with a skull in her hand for absolutely no reason (I blame the alcohol I was drinking), it occurred to me that I have an opportunity to do something fun. So I thought it would be funny to do a poster for a long lost Fritz Lang movie that of course never happened.


CHAPLIN by Rafael Albuquerque

I know he is a cliche from silent movies, but Chaplin was the king. My oldest memory of him was in my mother's notepad with his image on the cover.I think i was 6, or 7, so i used to draw him when i was a kid.

Like this guy since forever. Its good to draw him again.

Hope you enjoy.


Nosferatu by sinKEVitch


The Dandy Violinist by sinKEVitch

FAUST pt1 by Oeming

I did a second piece I hope to post later. Faust is one of my favorite silent films. For a larger version of this, visit my site at
also, you can follow me on twitter at @oeming


the kings by mark chiarello

CESARE by Becky Cloonan

This morning I did a quick sketch of everybody's favorite somnambulist, CESARE! From Robert Wiene's The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. This film changed my life when I first saw it in high school, and since then silent films (and black and white films in general), more than anything else have informed my storytelling, design layout, and black and white sensibilities.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari can be seen in it's entirety on youtube. I love this film. Cesare is such a great character, and why the somnambulist hasn't made it into movie monster history is beyond me! When he gives Alan his fortune it gives me chills, and it's downright scary when he appears in Jane's room at night! Go Cesare!


Danger Cute Music…Huh?

I had a sketch all lined up for Danger Cute but never quite got around to finishing the blighter. Instead I figured I'd move on to Music and got down to doodling in my pad, yep, right under the previous sketch.

I liked the incongruity of the two together and now you had better like it too as we're stuck with it. Harsh, I know.

Duncan Fegredo


BOWIE by Oeming

I'm being greedy this week, but music is my main inspiration and company while I work.
twitter @oeming

VRETH by Becky Cloonan

\m/ YES. I drew Vreth (Mathias Lillmåns) from Finntroll. I think it's a good time to point out that I have a hard time with likenesses, and I thought I'd just go with Vreth as a character rather than the musician, so if there ever was a Finntroll comic I guess this is my Vreth fanart! Or something. I don't know! I love heavy metal!

And if you aren't farmiliar with the dulcet folk metal stylings of Finntroll, I suggest you acquaint yourself. Heh heh.

sorry brian, the long version. by andrew robinson

there's a few composition problems but i like all the hands.

sorry brian, the album cover. by andrew robinson

I've posted 2 versions. this one i feel works better compositionally.

ADAM ANT by Sean Phillips

Taking my son to see Adam in concert tomorrow, so thought he'd be a good fit for music week.


MUSIC - LA MUSICA DELLA PAURA by Francesco Francavilla

Click on the image for the Bigger Photo

Spent all day listening to Herrmann music yesterday, and when it came to the PSYCHO score and its violins, I had an epiphany! :)
So I give you LA MUSICA DELLA PAURA - A Musical Retrospective about Bernard Herrmann's work :)
This is also the perfect companion poster of a Hitchcock poster I did in January, so I like the idea that these two posters wrap up this 2011 :D


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla

All Shook Up by Cliff Chiang

Drew this for the upcoming Charlotte Mini-Con in January. I tried to keep some of the energy from the original 3-inch tall sketch, so I inked it with a giant rapidograph. The final poster will feature some sweet lettering by Charlotte's favorite son, Dustin Harbin!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Jimi Hendrix/Music by Reverend Dave Johnson

BLAARRRGGG!!!! Well it started out as a drawing I did at Drink and Draw Social Club last night using a tiny photo off my iPhone for reference. Needless to say, likenesses are not my strong suit. Also, I'm not really digging the rendering on ol' Jimi's face but I gotta get back to the real work that pays my bills. So it is what it is I guess, the good, the bad and the Jimi.


ODE by Eric Canete

Growing up, I believed that this was the best piece of music, ever. I can still make that argument.



Music- Jimmy Page by Michael Oeming

Lots of my stories and art are inspired by Led Zep. Jimmy Page has waived his Crowlian palms over me. Here's to Jimmy-
a larger version can be found here-


MUSIC - A JAZZY CHRISTMAS by Francesco Francavilla

Click on the image for the Bigger Photo
A Jazzy Christmas!

I am gonna do something "fresh" later this week, but I wanted to share this photo from '1938' because of the topic and the fact that we are in December and Xmas is just around the corner :)

Have a Jazzy Xmas, everyone :)


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla

Time To Be Jolly by Phil Noto

So here's my music piece. It's a bit random. I was listening to Bing Crosby's Time to Be Jolly, from 1971. Love the song and all I can ever picture when I hear it is Bing performing it on The Mike Douglas or Dinah Shore shows, which he probably did at some point. Anyway, here's my interpretation of what that might look like. If you aren't familiar with the song, check it out on iTunes. You'll see what I'm talking about :)


the short version. by Andrew Robinson

The directors cut.

Some dangerous cuties..i think? by Andrew Robinson

well i've been out of town while the power was out in my area of LA due to that wind storm. but hey better late than never.

Shane Macgowan by Michael Oeming

okay, this is a bit of a cheat because I sketched this a bit back. Actually, it was at a drink and draw with Dave J and Dan P! But I colored it here as I wanted to make sure I got something done.
Long live the Pogues.

[some]JAZZ/MUSIC by Urbanbarbarian

As the Urbanbarbarian, I knew I probably would get some flack if I went for "All That Jazz" but I figured I could get away with at least "some" Jazz.  That's acceptable, right?  Truth be told, I do like Jazz.  So there.

Robert Johnson/Music by Reverend Dave Johnson

Did this sometime last year in someones sketchbook. Took a shitty photo of it and added some photoshop loving to it just now for this blog. I'll still probably do a new one specifically for this blog later this week.

Gibson Guitar Town by Jock

As a precursor to the 'music' theme this week - here's an SG guitar I painted up as part of the 'Gibson Guitar Town' auctions a few years ago...


DANGER CUTE - PHANTASMAL by Francesco Francavilla

Click on the image for the DANGEROUS REVEAL

Here's the "CUTE" part: click on it to check out the "DANGER" part ;)
Inspired by a visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden last night.

P.S. High Quality Archival Art Prints of this are available for those interested.


Phantasmal © 2011 Francesco Francavilla.
Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla


Cindy-Lou Who-engen by sinKEVitch

Maybe it's the Grinch/Bitch- slapping blend of Seuss and McShane, too much espresso, too little sleep,the Holiday madness, singlemalt scotch...

I Should've Done a F%*king Panda
puking up green eggs and ham,
I'm truly F%(king sorry, Amanda...
F^%king F&ck Piss Sh&t G**Damn



Eric's piece reminded me of how much I love Usagi! Done with Marker and a bit of PS.

DangerCute GINA CARANO by Urbanbarbarian

Who's cuter and more dangerous than MMA and movie star, Gina Carano?  I met her a while back on the set of American Gladiator and always wanted to try to capture that look in her eyes.  So, last night at Drink and Draw in DTLA, aided by some Jack Daniels, I gave it a shot. 

DangerCute by Reverend Dave Johnson

Well, I would say that she's cute and if you really think about it, she's only dangerous from behind. BTW, if you're wondering, her wing span is .45 cal. Thanks Amanda for picking a cool subject that lends itself to all sorts of results.