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Moebius Tribute: Rola-Doida by Rafael Albuquerque

I admit that I was never a fanatic reader or collector of Moebius work, and, as much I always loved everything that landed to my hands, i have just a few books (i know, my bad).

What is impressive though, is that i've read "The Major Fatal" adventures about 15 years ago, and those stories are still fresh in my mind. I was thinking about doing a portrait of him for this tribute, but the very first thing that poped up in my mind were those crazy, non-sense and amazing characters of the Hermetic Garage.

This one, the "Rola-Doida" (no idea how its called in english) was the funniest.

Thanks for your peculiar sense of humor, Moebius.



Wood said...

In French "Le Bandard Fou", in English "The Horny Goof"

Unknown said...

Very nice!

Herc said...

OMG! This is great. The Horny Goof is one of my favorite Moebius comics.

Rafael Albuquerque said...

Always loved the "hunt to the French on vacation" too. (is this correct?)

jock said...

brilliant rafa

Daniel Puch said...

Awesome tribute Rafa, Moebiues left a mark in every artist around the world. I made a tribute too, if you wanna see it :-)

Not as good as your stuff, but, trying to improve everyday. Thanks for your inspiration!

Urban Barbarian said...

Ha! Very cool!