This Week's Pick: Dave Johnson

This Week's Pick: Phillip Bond's pick: Water


DANGER: CUTE by Oeming

When I think cute and dangerous, I think of KICK ASS by Millar and Romita Jr. I took a few poses from HG's final fight scene and mixed them up somewhere between the comic and the film... hopefully.


Under the Hood

'Danger Cute' theme. i don't really do cute so well, so... errrr.... (with apologies to Jim Henson)


This week I have been mostly playing...

So, I suck. As jazzed as I am to be included in such illustrious company I've been too sucked in to the world of Skyrim to contribute. Skyrim is essentially the digital dog that ate my homework.

So, a week late and neither dangerous or cute...
Duncan Fegredo

Danger Cute: Another Catwoman... by Rafael Albuquerque

I have been doing a lot of Catwomans lately. Here is another one. Decided to add some colors.

Original art was made with washes and coloring by photoshop.



a bug's life by andrew robinson

so there was this bug that would hang out on my drawing table while i was working. he probably was attracted to the light. anyway i got used to having him around. sadly the other day i found him belly up on the floor in the dying cock roach position. sorry stinky- may you live on in this touching double portrait.


What Not by Urbanbarbarian

Calvin and Hobbes!

My humble tribute to the best comic ever made.


Chat Noir by Rafael Albuquerque

I have the original Chat Noir poster in my bathroom, and have to say its one of my favorite things in the house. I love the colors and the design.

One of these days, after a few (a lot of) drinks,I went to the bathroom, probably a little drunk (wasted) , and thought if someone have ever used that same design with Catwoman, or even Black Cat.

Next day I decided to check out and didnt find anything (!).

Well, I hope you like it, cause I had a lot of fun doing this one.



Village by sinKEVitch

Hi Everyone- I hope I'm not overstepping or simply pissing people off by posting yet again - (well, pissing people of is part of the 'artist's mandate'-however, I do NOT relish pissing off my respected colleagues)- But my reason- and there is one- is that if we're adhering to the dictate and definition of what 'What Not' is, then I view that as a tacit: "let's go for it and see what happens". So being that I'm continually I'm inspired by you all, and in keeping with the American sense of responsibility, I can truthfully say, "It's all your fault."

And hey, speaking strictly from a marketing p.o.v., the more pieces we do , the sooner we make a nice big coffee table book. Just sayin'.

MAYDAY by Francesco Francavilla

Click on the image for the bigger view

I'll double dip too, why not? ;)

Here's a little break with brush and ink in between drawing layouts for my next Captain America & Bucky issue, just to get in the right ood for some of those WW2 flashbacks :)
Definitely click on the image for the real bigger size.


U.S.R.A. created, TM & © 2010-2011 Francesco Francavilla.
Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla

Last Night's Life Painting by Sean Phillips

Acrylic on illustration board, 20 x 30 inches, 2 hours.


Bizman by Reverend Dave Johnson

Well, since Bill open the gates for multiple submissions per categoryI thought I'd help myself to second helpings. It's just a professional looking man who is mighty skeptical about this "What Not" business.

a pic of a pic of Batman by Jock

ALBINA by sinKEVitch

Just too many What Nots out there to contemplate;-). The debut subject heading by the Rev. could run for weeks, months, and still leave so many stones unturned , subjects unpainted, and surfaces unscratched. Fun to try though.


THE MIRE by Becky Cloonan

For a while I thought my next mini-comic was going to be called "ORCS", but after months of going over and over what should be a relatively simple story, I just couldn't get it to work. After a bit of brainstorming I decided to put ORCS on the back burner for now and come up with a fresh idea- so now I'd like to announce my next mini comic, coming this summer- THE MIRE. Aaand I guess this is a sketch of what one of the characters may or may not look like! :D File under: Conceptual.

SOUL EATERS by Francesco Francavilla

Click on the image for the bigger poster

Thanksgiving: there are gonna be many eaters around tomorrow, maybe even one or two... SOUL EATERS! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone :)


"Soul Eaters" © 2011 Francesco Francavilla
Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla

some old guy by Mark Chiarello

Taxi! by Rafael Albuquerque

I did this as a fan art for my talented friend Gustavo Duarte. He did a fantastic self published book called Taxi.

Worth a look!

Three Coins by Phil Noto

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels, everyone!

FIRE HUNGER by Mike Avon Oeming

Whoops, got carried away on this. Fire Hunger comes from misunderstanding lyrics to a Pet Shop Boys song called For Your Own Good. I'll try a simple marker version of this on my site. Very excited to be part of this.
Mike Avon Oeming


What Not 001 by Bill Seinkiewicz

Though not quite Not enough.
Will try again.
Or not.;-)

Conan by Sean Phillips

The only sketch I did at Thought Bubble last weekend that I was pleased with...