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This Week's Pick: Phillip Bond's pick: Water



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Phantoms of Space

Great pick, Duncan! :)

I went the classic, low budget (Italian) sci-fi way, so I came up with the fictional "PHANTOMS OF SPACE"*!
Hope ya dig it while enjoying some popcorn :)


*Prints of the poster available if interested.

PHANTOMS OF SPACE & Artwork © 2012 Francesco Francavilla


Cosmic Odyssey by Duncan Fegredo

Not a remotely original idea, I know, but it's just one of those images I find very evocative. It's rare I ink solely with a brush, I should do it more often...


Cosmic Doodles by Duncan Fegredo

Its all gone a bit quite around here so here's a page of proto-What Not doodling as a taster to a full Cosmic offering...


The Neck by andrew robinson

So I had to go mobster. Just wanted to draw a big lug in his mug shot.

3 Headed Gangsters by Reverend Dave Johnson

Started this at Drink and Draw Social Club while hopped up on cold medicine, and then finished at home. I couldn't decide who to draw so I picked three of the biggies from the golden era of Mob films.

Sons of Anarchy by Panosian

A little late, but here's my idea of a modern gangster.  Done in the biker bar, Drink and Draw Social Club style of pen  & white-out on cardboard chip stock.  See it BIGGER here.


"Branded to Kill by Oeming

Branded to Kill is one of my favorite crime films. It's not the BEST crime film, but it's one of my favorites because of the balance of a straight forward crime film and art. Director Seijun Suzuki was never afraid to do deliver his vision to an audience, even if it hurt his career. He did however, balance his artistic vision with the powers that be by delivering his vision FAST and under budget, allowing him artistic freedom while being able to feed his family:)
This crime film drips of style and hallucinatory vision that has been homaged by Jim Jarmusch (especially in the brilliant Ghost Dog which is almost a remake) and others including myself in the butterfly/moth scene in Cross Bronx with Ivan Brandon and this image I redid can easily be found online. Check it out if you get the chance. It's a great film.

"kid gangsters" by mark chiarello


Gangsters: The Gangster's Moll by Sean Phillips

Painted this yesterday for something else, but thought it might just fit this week's theme.
Bigger version over at my blog...


The Donk by andrew robinson.

This is exactly what they tell you not to draw in art school. I tapped into my teenage psyche for this one. And apparently I'm not a very good speller.

Video Games- Super Miyamoto by Fegredo

Another oldy, a portrait of Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario and many other classics from Nintendo.

Originally drawn for Hey Oscar Wilde! It's Clobberin' Time!!!
Go lookee, loads of your favourite artists drawing their authors or creations.

Video games - ARMY OF TWO by Jock

I really wanted to do something new for this, but time is against me again. This is one of 35 'in game' pieces I did for the EA Games release a few years ago. Not very exciting, but unless you've completed most of the game, you wouldn't get to see it otherwise.

If I had done something new it would have been either MANIC MINER or JET SET WILLY. I'm not sure whether the ZX Spectrum made it across the atlantic in the 80's, but it was my weapon of choice as a kid.


Video Games - SUPER MARIO by Cliff Chiang

Video Games- Gamer Grrls 3 by Fegredo

The finished art. Each piece had areas of transparency for overlapping, not that it showed in the printed version… Why mention it then, you may ask? Because I did the work damn it! Grumble, grumble, bah.

Having fun. All night long. by Phil Noto

Video Games- Gamer Grrls 2 by Fegredo

So, pencil roughs for each character, each being either a standard gaming archetype or my specific take on a character like Lara Croft or Princess Zelda, albeit rather tongue in cheek.

Lara's backpack was originally going to be collapsing under the weight of the unlikely arsenal that all combative game characters seem to be able to lug around. Zelda on the other hand is rather more blatantly sexualised than the anodyne character in the games. For some reason I posed her like Posh Spice, I should be ashamed!

Anyway, the magazine asked that they all be rendered seperately so they could choose how to compose them… not too well as it turned out, it made it a much bigger job and the money was crappy in the first place! Oh well…


Video Games- Gamer Grrls by Fegredo

Apologies if I swamp the blog with game posts, I have a bunch of stuff that really hasn't been seen much…. I may even do a fresh drawing!

I used to be a regular reader of Edge magazine, my studio, along with art supplies, comics, art books etc also housed a complete run to date of the high brow gaming monthly. A shift in geography led to my listing the collection on Edge's forum as free to a good home, which in turn led to me being invited to provide illustrations to an article about women and their representation in gaming culture and the games themselves…. or something like that, I forget.

Anyway, heres my first not terribly specific sketch… more soon if you want it, probably even if you don't.

Video Games- FPS by Fegredo

FPS stands for, as every gamer knows, First Person Shooter. I started this canvas over 6 years ago in my old studio. After a couple of hours (if that), pleased with progress I downed brushes for a break on Halo… and for whatever reason it remained untouched until about a year back when I knocked out the background in white. I was on fire again, enthused, gripped by the desire to explain to the world what games meant to me, so much so I rinsed my brushes and fired up the xbox again. I'll finish it when I get to the next level...


VIDEO GAMES: WAR OF THE WORLDS by Francesco Francavilla

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War of the WOrlds - The Videogame

I so wish this was a real game...

Will have some more game-art coming later this week, after taking care of this deadline.


Artwork © 2012 Francesco Francavilla

Video Games- GALAGA by Oeming

Oh yea. Used to play this game at Harras Casino while my parents gambled. Don't feel bad for me, I saw Sammy David Jr. once cutting through the arcade because of that. I remember being entranced by Galaga's high contrast colors, black on primary colors. Anyway, here is my real world version of the 8bit space opera-


ARMAGEDDON: REAPER by Francesco Francavilla

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I know, not really an original creative concept, but I am under a tight deadline and my brain is half fused already, so...
Now that I think of it, this would have made for a great HAPPY NEW YEAR greeting card :D ;)

Oh, and I threw in a raven cause it kinda fits with the scenario ;)


Artwork © 2012 Francesco Francavilla

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Armageddon FAIL by The Reverend

Started this last night at Drink and Draw Social Club. And before I knew it, it started looking a little Mignola-ish. But in for a penny, in for a pound. And besides, this blog is just for fun anyways. It's not like I'm trying to pass myself off as a cheap knock off. Although my life as an artist sure would have been a lot easier if I had. And Mike's style is so fun to look at, it's hard NOT to channel him when drawing skulls.

If you want to see a large view of this, go to:

Armageddon by Rafael Albuquerque


revelations by andrew robinson.

when i was a kid going to church,
this "end of the world business" really scared me. happy new year.