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MOEBIUS by Francesco Francavilla

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Great subject pick, Mark!

My list of favorite artists is way too long, and the previous WhotNotists have already tributed some (Toth, Simonson, etc). I have tributed other artists already (I tribute Alex Raymond on each cover for Flash Gordon for example) so for this week topic I went with one artist who might have influenced me more than I know: Jean Giraud, known also with his art name of MOEBIUS.
The man is a living legend and this is my humble tribute to him.



Andrew Robinson said...

this is just too cool. love the line work and the graphic sensibilities.

Reverend Dave Johnson said...

No crystals!?!?! FAIL! All kidding aside, great job.

Eric said...

Jean MÅ“bius Giraud is dead this morning saturday 10th March! Sad day in France, he was a great master and a simple man at the same time. Your very beautiful painting is an amazing tribute to him. Thank you for this. The "Drink N Draw Paris" will try to draw some tribute to him next wednsday. I hope mine will honor his work as you do.
It was a coincidence, I just wanted to check the Frank Frazetta of Dan Panosian first...

Urban Barbarian said...

Let us know when you post your tributes, Eric.

Eric said...

The tribute session for the Master Jean Moebius Giraud was great many people came in. I am not surprised you professionals and fan about creation did a tribute to him too, and I enjoy about this. Thank you. Here is my modest tribut :
and the other :