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Armageddon FAIL by The Reverend

Started this last night at Drink and Draw Social Club. And before I knew it, it started looking a little Mignola-ish. But in for a penny, in for a pound. And besides, this blog is just for fun anyways. It's not like I'm trying to pass myself off as a cheap knock off. Although my life as an artist sure would have been a lot easier if I had. And Mike's style is so fun to look at, it's hard NOT to channel him when drawing skulls.

If you want to see a large view of this, go to:


Russel Roehling said...

Wow, that's fantastic. What are you using to cut the background, is that gouache?

Rafael Albuquerque said...

Amazing. Loved the sepia colors.

Reverend Dave Johnson said...

It's acrylic

Marcel said...

I think it's almost impossible not to see ANY skull as a mignola skull now.

Duncan Fegredo said...

You should worry Dave, I had a full on identity crisis drawing The Storm/Fury!

Anyway, its great and distinctly you.