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THE MIRE by Becky Cloonan

For a while I thought my next mini-comic was going to be called "ORCS", but after months of going over and over what should be a relatively simple story, I just couldn't get it to work. After a bit of brainstorming I decided to put ORCS on the back burner for now and come up with a fresh idea- so now I'd like to announce my next mini comic, coming this summer- THE MIRE. Aaand I guess this is a sketch of what one of the characters may or may not look like! :D File under: Conceptual.


Shane White said...

Nice piece.

Would you print this locally or through a POD thing online?

Where would you sell such a thing?


Urban Barbarian said...

That is crazy spooky, Becky!

Looking forward to summer already!

That Polish Guy said...

Conceptually Creepy.
In a good way.

Brian said...

Great title.

Rafael Albuquerque said...


becky said...

Thanks dudes!

Shane- my last mini was printed in Colorado! It was offset interiors with a silk screened cove. I'm on my 2nd printing, I've made 3,000 copies so far! Probably do another large print run for this new book- since it's a mini comic it's not hard to do! I sell them at cons, on my online store, and wholesale to retailers.

Adam Temple said...

Can't wait! The concept looks sick!

Unknown said...

Essentially the same thing I said about this on DA: loved WOLVES and I'm looking forward to this.