This Week's Pick: Dave Johnson

This Week's Pick: Phillip Bond's pick: Water


RAY GUNS by Panosian

Sure, most Ray Guns make a "ZAP!" sound effect - but try telling her that!  She's pistol happy and consequences mean nothing to her.  Nothing, I tell you!


Reverend Dave Johnson said...

Wait. You still have real zip-a-tone left? Crazy!

Urban Barbarian said...

I have all sorts of things stashed away. Terrible things...!

Sean Phillips said...

I make my own zipatone, printing patterns on sheets of Transtext.

Duncan Fegredo said...

Ahh Transtext, the very word makes me itch… I used a ton of it back when I toned Jay & Silent Bob, those sticky, sharp little slivers would get everywhere. After bathing a tonal tidal mark would remain long after draining the water!

She's a cutie with a toned patootie, I likey!