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This Week's Pick: Phillip Bond's pick: Water


Video Games- Gamer Grrls by Fegredo

Apologies if I swamp the blog with game posts, I have a bunch of stuff that really hasn't been seen much…. I may even do a fresh drawing!

I used to be a regular reader of Edge magazine, my studio, along with art supplies, comics, art books etc also housed a complete run to date of the high brow gaming monthly. A shift in geography led to my listing the collection on Edge's forum as free to a good home, which in turn led to me being invited to provide illustrations to an article about women and their representation in gaming culture and the games themselves…. or something like that, I forget.

Anyway, heres my first not terribly specific sketch… more soon if you want it, probably even if you don't.

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Herc said...

Oh we want it! :-)