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Video Games- Gamer Grrls 2 by Fegredo

So, pencil roughs for each character, each being either a standard gaming archetype or my specific take on a character like Lara Croft or Princess Zelda, albeit rather tongue in cheek.

Lara's backpack was originally going to be collapsing under the weight of the unlikely arsenal that all combative game characters seem to be able to lug around. Zelda on the other hand is rather more blatantly sexualised than the anodyne character in the games. For some reason I posed her like Posh Spice, I should be ashamed!

Anyway, the magazine asked that they all be rendered seperately so they could choose how to compose them… not too well as it turned out, it made it a much bigger job and the money was crappy in the first place! Oh well…

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