This Week's Pick: Dave Johnson

This Week's Pick: Phillip Bond's pick: Water


Bob Layton by Rev. Dave Johnson

One of the pleasures growing up was reading Iron Man during the time when Bob was either inking JR Jr. or handling everything himself. Later in life I was boarding a flight to Canada when I noticed someone in my isle seat. I turned on my "I could kick your ass" attitude just in case for when I told the guy he had the wrong seat. He apologized and moved. It wasn't until checking into the hotel after the flight that I realized it was Bob Layton. To this day he still gives me crap about it at Drink and Draw Social Club; of which he is now a regular. Drinking OJ and soda. And now one of the pleasures in adulthood is getting to hang out every Thursday with a great guy who has great stories about the good and bad times in the industry.


Urban Barbarian said...

Demon is an excellent way to describe the power that is Bob Layton! Drink and Draw is always +'d when he arrives!

Herc said...

Man, I loved me some Bob Layton. Especially Hercules. ;-p This great!