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Video games - ARMY OF TWO by Jock

I really wanted to do something new for this, but time is against me again. This is one of 35 'in game' pieces I did for the EA Games release a few years ago. Not very exciting, but unless you've completed most of the game, you wouldn't get to see it otherwise.

If I had done something new it would have been either MANIC MINER or JET SET WILLY. I'm not sure whether the ZX Spectrum made it across the atlantic in the 80's, but it was my weapon of choice as a kid.


Duncan Fegredo said...

Didn't have a spectrum but played a friends a lot, I loved Mercenary.

Nice to see such stuff in game, outside of concept art much in game tends to be rather bland. Lovely textures Jock, I live in hope to see you apply the same with real gloopy paint!

jock said...

moving into my new studio soon, duncan. it's a promise to myself that i'll do some painting there...

Urban Barbarian said...

Bad ass!