This Week's Pick: Dave Johnson

This Week's Pick: Phillip Bond's pick: Water


The Donk by andrew robinson.

This is exactly what they tell you not to draw in art school. I tapped into my teenage psyche for this one. And apparently I'm not a very good speller.


Reverend Dave Johnson said...

Man, you put a shit ton of effort here.And just like a video game, you'll get nothing back for your troubles. Except my adulation.

Duncan Fegredo said...

Yeah, thats gorgeous, and like the good Rev said, you didn't just jam up a load of crap you already had lying around like some of these bums and… oh.


Herc said...

One of my favorite games as a kid. Up there with Dig Dug and Joust. haha. Really nice looking, brother.

Urban Barbarian said...

...Wow. I don't know what else to say. Wow.