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VRETH by Becky Cloonan

\m/ YES. I drew Vreth (Mathias Lillmåns) from Finntroll. I think it's a good time to point out that I have a hard time with likenesses, and I thought I'd just go with Vreth as a character rather than the musician, so if there ever was a Finntroll comic I guess this is my Vreth fanart! Or something. I don't know! I love heavy metal!

And if you aren't farmiliar with the dulcet folk metal stylings of Finntroll, I suggest you acquaint yourself. Heh heh.


Urban Barbarian said...

I must learn the ways of of Finntroll! Cool, Becky!!!

Duncan Fegredo said...

Nice drawing!

Reverend Dave Johnson said...

Haha. These are my people. Great job.

Alex Cipriano said...

Awwwww yeahhh Finntroll love!!