This Week's Pick: Dave Johnson

This Week's Pick: Phillip Bond's pick: Water


Sitting Bull by Reverend Dave Johnson

Wasn't sure if I'd be into this weeks topic, but after a few drinks, I started to warm up to it.


Hattie Davis said...

That Indian, er i mean, Native American, er, sorry American Indian, geeze... He looks cool, whatever it is we're supposed to call him!

Andrew Robinson said...

yeah westerns aren't my thing either. haha.
you made quite a handsome piece.

That Polish Guy said...

For not being sure you'd warm up to the theme, it's a damned awesome piece Dave- really love what you do with the duality/morphology of certain elements- (i.e., the Hendrix guitar death-head and the eagle headdress, etc..) definitely your uniquely awesome design stamp

Urban Barbarian said...

damn this is nice! I'd love to see you post the uncolored version too. The inks were incredible.