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DangerCute GINA CARANO by Urbanbarbarian

Who's cuter and more dangerous than MMA and movie star, Gina Carano?  I met her a while back on the set of American Gladiator and always wanted to try to capture that look in her eyes.  So, last night at Drink and Draw in DTLA, aided by some Jack Daniels, I gave it a shot. 


Richard said...

Love it!

Reverend Dave Johnson said...


Andrew Robinson said...

i really dig how you cut out her hair with the red marker and great anatomy too.

Brian said...

She's a knock out.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

That Polish Guy said...

Bloody knuckles and a killer smirk( and those lips!)

I'm in lust!
Great piece Dan!

phil said...

Beautiful! The reason I watched that Gladiator show :)