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CHAPLIN by Rafael Albuquerque

I know he is a cliche from silent movies, but Chaplin was the king. My oldest memory of him was in my mother's notepad with his image on the cover.I think i was 6, or 7, so i used to draw him when i was a kid.

Like this guy since forever. Its good to draw him again.

Hope you enjoy.



Reverend Dave Johnson said...

The dog word balloon is inspired!!!

Urban Barbarian said...

That "bark" makes it! Terrific! I love it!

That Polish Guy said...

love the Silent- era Bark as well-
you can't go wrong with Chaplin- The Kid is one of my favorites of all time! you really nailed him!

gguzman said...

It makes it special because you have a story to tell. Doesn't matter if it's cliche or people say Buster Keaton was better.

My first silent movie memory is Nosferatu. First silent movie I ever saw. I was maybe 19, but it was magical. A different world opened up.

Duncan Fegredo said...

Lovely piece and that 'Bark' really is awesome!

phil said...

Yeah , the pose and brushwork are great but that "bark!" -perfection.