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Hi Everyone- I hope I'm not overstepping or simply pissing people off by posting yet again - (well, pissing people of is part of the 'artist's mandate'-however, I do NOT relish pissing off my respected colleagues)- But my reason- and there is one- is that if we're adhering to the dictate and definition of what 'What Not' is, then I view that as a tacit: "let's go for it and see what happens". So being that I'm continually I'm inspired by you all, and in keeping with the American sense of responsibility, I can truthfully say, "It's all your fault."

And hey, speaking strictly from a marketing p.o.v., the more pieces we do , the sooner we make a nice big coffee table book. Just sayin'.


Andrew Robinson said...

in this realm as well as others, it's okay to be greedy and self indulgent. think of it as sharing.
so thank you bill for not being selfish. please keep sharing.

Urban Barbarian said...

I second that! I love getting a chance to catch a peek into art drawer! [ That sounded filthy! - apologies! ]

Oeming said...

wow, that is beautiful!

That Polish Guy said...

Thanks gents!-